Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recapping Bachelor

The editing this season has been really interesting. They are trying REALLY hard to make it dramatic and fuel certain fires. You can almost see the producers creating conversations, bringing people together to address certain subjects, etc. Also, knowing how the spoilers say this plays out, it has been interesting to watch how the “would-be soul mates” are portrayed.

In the past couple months, ABC filed suit against Reality Steve, the guy who broke the Jason Mesnick news and has been an all-star of a spoiler since… so that’ is going on right now – concurrent to this season airing. An interesting lens through which to watch the season.

Kacie B bothers me more and more every episode. News flash – You are on a reality show in which dozens of girls are dating the same guy. And kiss him. And you all live in the same house. And you never eat. And you drink a lot. Of alcohol. Deal…

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